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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I remove face paint?
    Makeup wipes and makeup eraser cloths work wonderfully to remove face paint. Also, you may use a liquid soap (such as baby shampoo) swirling with fingertips to reactivate the paint, using no water. Gently wipe away color with a disposable wipe. If stubborn color remains, use liquid makeup remover or a cold cream soak. Coconut oil is also a great makeup remover. Use of water and scrubbing tend to make removal more difficult.
  • Is this safe for skin? Will it stain?
    Everything we use, right down to the glitter, is developed and made to be used on children's skin safely. Our materials are held to the same high quality control measures and standards as professional cosmetics and are FDA approved for use on ages 2 and up. Neon colors are currently being tested for approval, but no known reactions have occurred to date. Most of the products used are fragrance free, vegan, and gluten free and we are happy to tailor designs based on your needs. Occasionally, cosmetics can cause adverse reactions and swatch testing is recommended for people with severe skin sensitivities. Mixing sunscreen and face paint is NOT recommended. Everyone's skin is different and absorbs moisture (and color) differently. Some colors tend to leave a tinge after removal, particularly on pale or dry skin. If I see a chance of that, I will ask before painting. Dark red, dark blue, green, and black can stain some materials (bed sheets), so removal of paint before bedtime is recommended.
  • Why should I hire you instead of doing it myself?
    I love Pinterest, but rarely do things ever turn out the way they do in pictures unless you have invested countless hours of practice. I have spent years researching and testing not just designs, but the products available to create them. I choose paint and colors based on skin tone and condition for the best possible result. You can enjoy your party and guests and not have to worry at all about how this special and memorable feature of your event will turn out. Parties are hard work, so let me take care of this part for you.
  • I am a non-profit/charity/fundraising. Will you donate your time and skills for exposure?
    I work with several area nonprofits, charities, and fundraising drives throughout the year. Weekends are prime and I limit the number of these events as I am not only donating my materials and services, but blocking out a work day for them. I do this for a living and while I admire the efforts of so many worthy organizations, I have to moderate how much I give. I am more than happy to speak with you about your organization and try to work with your budget. Quite often, a local business is happy to sponsor a face painter as advertising and I am able to provide tax receipts for them.
  • What ages can be face painted?
    Ages 2 and older can be safely painted, but I will not paint children who are scared or crying. Wiggly ones can get an arm or leg design.
  • Can you just do more simple, less fancy designs or cheek art to fit in more kids per hour?
    My style is more mask painting than illustrations on the cheeks. I transform your guests into what they want to be using their own features and that is what brings the wow factor. As odd as it sounds, cheek illustrations actually take more time than mask designs and are difficult to execute on moving targets. I do have selections of faster designs available and we can discuss your needs.
  • Do you have a minimum booking time or charge a travel fee?
    My minimum booking time is 1.5 hours. I typically do not charge a travel fee unless the event is further than 10 miles from me. I do waive travel fees for bookings of 3+ hours within a reasonable distance not requiring an overnight stay.
  • Do you and your team carry insurance?
    Yes, we sure do. Policy information and paperwork is happily provided upon request. I always carry my card with me as well. Need an Additional Insured? No problem!
  • What if my child has a rash, skin condition, or is sick?
    In cases of skin conditions that are not contagious, I am happy to paint an arm, hand, or cheek where no rash is present. Unfortunately, I cannot paint any child exhibiting symptoms of conjunctivitis (pink eye), a fever, or the flu. This determination is up to me/team, and I reserve the right to refuse to paint a suspected case. I often carry stickers to offer instead.
  • Can you bring your supplies and share them with volunteers?
    Unfortunately, no. I take cleanliness very seriously and have specific protocols when I am painting to make sure everything stays sanitary. I am more than happy to assist you in setting up an appropriate and budget conscious kit for volunteers.
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