Booking & Info 

I book up to a year in advance. Booking 6-8 weeks before event is advised for the best spots. I do accept day before bookings and weather often changes plans. I will let you know what I have available and try my best to get you taken care of. 

Booking Process

1) Get in touch with me: Contact tab above, email, call, text (512) 589-9803, or message with the details of your      event, including:

                 Date & Time


                 Number of guests to be painted (please consider siblings at birthday parties)

                 Address or part of town

     I will respond promptly. On the weekends I am usually painting throughout the day, so it may be a few hours or         the evening until I respond.

2) When your preferred date and time is verified as available, I will request a booking deposit to hold your date,             which goes towards your total. There are some options on how to pay this.

3) Once booking deposit is received, I will send you an official confirmation. Until the booking deposit is paid and         confirmation sent, the date is not yours and is still open to others.

4) The week of your event, I will check in with you to re-confirm. 

5) If your event is cancelled the booking deposit is non-refundable, however it is good to be put towards another         event for a year plus a week.

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Day Of Event Info

For Private Parties:

I will arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time to set up and paint the guest of honor first. All equipment needed is provided by me, including table and chairs. The only thing required from the client is a clear and level space about 6ft x 6ft (per artist), shaded if outdoors*. If needed, I'll take names on a list to allow guests to enjoy the party and not have to wait in line. Assistance with gathering the next on list is greatly appreciated to stay within the time allotted.

*If the temperature is over 94 or under 60 degrees Fahrenheit, artist needs to be indoors with climate control.

For Team/Large Events:

We will arrive approximately 30-45 minutes before the scheduled time to set up. If we are outdoors, level ground and a canopy is requested and tables and chairs may also be needed depending on setup. We are able to provide the canopy for an additional charge if needed. Artists may request to unload near site before parking.

*If the temperature is over 94 or under 55 degrees fahrenheit, artist needs to be indoors with climate control. Occasionally, we may be able to go further on the colder side with advance notice and electricity/heat provided.

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